“Tech for Tithes: Online Strategies for Church Fundraising Success”

Do you need to make some space on your church library’s bookshelves for the latest in Christian literature? Consider holding a used book sale to clear out books you no longer need and give your members the opportunity to take home a few new reads for their own book collections. 

If your congregants are looking to clean out their own bookshelves at home, turn your used book sale into a community effort by asking members to bring their own books from home. Advertise your sale around your community to draw more people in, and you can even church fundraising ideas your book sale into a larger event with food and entertainment. 

Put on a ticketed dinner event 

Ticketed dinner events are a good way to raise money for your church while offering a service to your members. Spaghetti dinners, fish fries, potlucks, pancake  church fundraising ideas  , and low-country boils are all popular versions of this concept, but the possibilities are endless! 

Draw congregants in by advertising your dinner as a meal and a show where the choir provides some entertainment. You can also turn your dinner into a full night out by church fundraising ideas up a dance floor and planning a fun setlist to get your diners on their feet dancing once they’ve cleaned their plates. 

Encourage your diners to buy their tickets in advance to help you keep costs to a minimum. It also gives families a chance to plan ahead for their night off from cooking and doing dishes. Consider allowing people to eat at the church or take their food to go so even those who can’t stay for socializing can get a tasty meal. 

Singing telegrams for birthdays or Christmas 

Give your congregants the opportunity to send each other a fun musical gift by holding a singing telegram fundraiser. Set up a table and ask people to pay a small fee to send their church fundraising ideas and family a fun singing telegram. To provide more personalization for the telegrams, offer a selection of songs your choir members can sing that your congregants can choose from when sending a telegram. 

This is a great idea around the holidays when your choir can pull out some classic Christmas carols and go door-to-door in festive gear. For a more long-term, ongoing fundraiser, you can set up a box where people can submit telegrams they’d like to send at any church fundraising ideas for birthdays or any other occasion. 

Benefit gala with a concert 

Roll out the red carpet for a fun, one-night-only benefit gala and church choir concert. To add some spice to your event, set a fun theme you can plan your concert setlist around and your guests can dress up for. You can also add a silent auction to your gala to raise some extra money and give people the opportunity to return home with a fun gift. 

 Karaoke night 

Give your musical church members something to sing about with a fun karaoke night. Charge a small church fundraising ideas to participate in the fun, and turn karaoke into a full night out by providing small bites and refreshments while everyone’s singing and dancing. 

Church-wide rummage sales 

How many items in your house could you stand to get rid of? How many items do you think your members have in their homes that they could stand to get rid of? Instead of throwing away their clothes, furniture, and household items, members can donate them to the church. One person might not have enough to hold their own garage sale, but a whole congregation probably does! 

This accomplishes a few goals. One, members get a chance to do something good with the items they no longer want. Two, the overhead cost of the event is kept relatively low because all the goods that will be sold at the rummage sale are donated. And three, the church can raise money and open the rummage sale to the community, which is church fundraising ideas for meeting new people and introducing them to your church. 

Consider having a low-key gathering the night before the rummage sale to tag items and set up tables. It’ll save you a lot of stress and energy the day of the event! 

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