“Maximizing Fundraising Success with Strategic Raffle Prize Donations”

  • Shopping spree. Partner with a local boutique to offer a shopping spree and personal styling session for a lucky raffle winner! If you’re looking for a smaller ticket item, see if your local boutique shop owner would be able to put together a few outfits you can raffle off to your donors instead. 
  • Custom art pieces. From pet portraits to wedding day portraits, partner with a local artist to raffle off custom art pieces to your donors. 
  • Reserved parking space. A great prize option for school fundraisers, your lucky raffle winners will love knowing that they’ll always have a place to park when they win a resraffle prize donations erved parking space. 
  • Car servicing. Taking your car in for oil changes and tire rotations can get pricey. Take that burden off your raffle winner’s back by offering car servicing gift certificates up as a prize. 
  • Engraved bricks. Are raffle prize donations buiraffle prize donations lding a new addition to your nonprofit’s office building? Is your church getting a new walkway? Raffle off engraved bricks so your donors can have their support forever memorialized as a part of your organization’s new property. 
  • Private house concert. Make entertaining easy for your donors by raffling off a private house concert. At their next party or gathering, a local musician or band will give your raffle winner and their guests a private house concert for a memorable night of music. 

Easy Raffle Prizes

  • 50/50 raffle. Split your raffle ticket sales pot with a lucky raffle winner! A 50/50 split is a popular option, but you can offer up any percentage of the raffle sales as a prize raffle prize donations your organization. 
  • Simple home goods basket. Put together a basket with candles, picture frames, baking mixes, home decor items, and anything else that will make a house just that more homey for your donors. 
  • Gift certificates. In general, gift certificates are a great raffle prize that will appeal to almost any donor. You can put together a gift card basket with a variety of gift cards to different shops and establishments, or raffle off gift certificates one-by-one. 
  • Chocolate basket. Chocolate-loving supporters will love the opportunity to win a basket full of chocolate goodies to satisfy all their cravings! 
  • Movie tickets. Your donors’ next movie night out is on you! Raffle off movie tickets to the next, highly anticipated blockbuster or try to snag a pair of opening night or advance screening tickets so your supporters can be the first to see the next great movie masterpiece. 

Final thoughts 

Hosting a raffle can add an additional exciting element to any fundraising event and drive more ticket sales and donations. While prizes can range from sweet and simple to expensive and extravagant, just make sure you have something that appeals to everyone, and you’ll be sure to have a successful fundraiser! 

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